Walker Newborn session


Alright now, you guys know how much I love my newborns, and this sweet little girl has absolutely stolen my heart!

I’m so excited that she’ll be one of our Every Moment Plan babies, so we’ll be seeing her for a session every three months! Fantastic!

This sweet girl was so curious and so alert throughout our newborn session, watching my every move!

Those gorgeous little eyes, teeny tiny fingers, just perfection. Absolute perfection.

Thank you so much to her awesome family for joining our SCP babies group! We can’t wait to watch you grow!


Mia’s Wake Forest Baptism


Miss Mia’s baptism took place on a beautiful Saturday in July.


This teeny tiny beauty was the star of the day, and was so blessed to have so many loved ones come in from all over the world for her big day.




The day started with lots of love and gifts from family, along with the beautiful handmade baptism dress for sweet Mia.




The actual baptism was held at the gorgeous St. Catherine of Siena Catholic church in Wake Forest, with Mia’s great uncle presiding over the baptism.




After the ceremony, the family convened back at the family’s home for a wonderfully catered after party, all in honor of Mia.

Congratulations to this wonderful family!

Thank you for allowing us to capture this moment in your lives!




Absolutely, unequivocally one of the most amazing moments in a parent’s life.
Whether you’re giving birth or watching your child being born, there is no more beautiful experience.
Brand new life.
It’s hard. It’s uncomfortable. It’s messy. It’s beautiful. It’s life.
You’ve dreamed for so long, and the time is finally here.
You’ve planned, you’ve taken classes, and you’ve set up your nursery.
Now you get to meet the little one whom it’s all been for.
Your baby.
The last thing you need to worry about is trying to capture this moment yourselves.
Your family is about to grow and change, and this exact moment will never happen again.
Let me capture this amazing experience for you, so you can truly be in the moment.
Let me document this time for you so you can enjoy every minute.

Our introductory pricing won’t last forever, and we only have spots for a few more births this year. We’d love to help you make some amazing memories and document this moment in your family’s life. Contact us today to learn more!


Barclay Villa Summer Wedding: Yanet and Miguel

Summer weddings are beautiful as is, but when you add the Barclay Villa as the venue, well, the wedding becomes absolutely stunning!

Nestled in Harnett County, the Barclay Villa stands proudly over the land once owned by the Barclay family in the 1800’s. It’s old world charm, beautiful stone work and graceful antique furniture offer a feeling of old southern romance to events.

Of course, Yanet and Miguel chose the Barclay as their awesome reception venue on their wedding day, June 4th, 2016.

The mix between the old world charm the Barclay offers and the gorgeous details the couple chose made for an absolutely stunning wedding day!

The mint greens and gold woven throughout the reception hall made the venue absolutely stunning, but the true stunners were the Bride and Groom, Yanet and Miguel.

Not only were this couple visually gorgeous, but their love and adoration for each other was felt by all who attended their wedding. You two are amazing!

I am so honored that Samantha Canal Photography was chosen to capture your beautiful day Yanet and Miguel! We wish you a lifetime of happiness and love and can’t wait to watch your family grow!


Marbles Summer Wedding

I’m so excited to finally be sitting down to blog on this wedding.

Now, let me tell you, I love all of my couples, but these two felt like old friends from the first moment we met! So much fun!

Amanda and Stephanie’s wedding was phenomenal! From all the thought put into every little detail, to the work these two and their friends put into every minute of the evening, let me tell you folks, sheer and utter perfection! The night was fantastic!

Amanda and Stephanie chose to say their vows right in the middle of the world at Marbles, with all of their friends and loved ones surrounding them. The joy and happiness was clear on all of their friends and family’s faces as they looked on and watched the happy couple’s union. Even loved ones from overseas were able to watch via video, making the moment even more amazing.

So much love folks, so much love! From the tears of joy on friends and families faces and to the grins on Amanda and Stephanie’s faces, the moment was overwhelming. I even had to wipe a few of my own tears away 🙂 Their ceremony was so heartfelt, their words so full of love and emotion. Amazing ladies, simply amazing.

Thank you both for having us capture this amazing moment in your lives. We were truly and deeply honored to have held such an important role in your big day. We cherished every moment of your beautiful day!

Congratulations Amanda and Stephanie! We wish you a lifetime of happiness, or at least forever and a day 😉