Why schedule a maternity session?

There are many, many reasons I can list, but here are a few:

These are the precious last few weeks of pregnancy before you and your partner greet your new little one. Not everyone has the same story. This pregnancy may be one of many, joining the ranks of your growing family. Maybe you’ve gone through many personal trials and tribulations for this pregnancy to become a reality. Whatever brought you to this moment, it was amazing! Remember that!

You look down at your belly and realize, this sweet child will soon be not only a dream, but a reality. A part of your family. An amazing, honest to goodness miracle, about to happen, before your eyes.

You’ve painted. You’ve built furniture. You’ve read book after how-to-book on parenting. You’ve had amazing dreams. You’ve had horrible nightmares. You’ve sweat for this little new life.

These are the reasons why to schedule your maternity session. Whether this is child number one, or number twenty one, you deserve this. A moment to glow. A moment to shine. A moment carved out in time while you still hold that precious life within your womb.

You only get this chance once; this child will only be within for such a short time.

Don’t pass this moment up! Contact us today! We’ll be happy to help you plan your dream maternity session.