Birth stories

There is nothing in this world more amazing than birth.


A birth photographer’s role is to know just that, and capture those moments for the parents-to-be.

Yes, many think this is a crazy new fad, but think about it. As photographers, we chronicle many life changing historic moments in life, and birth is a huge part of this! This is a moment that deserves preservation, and your partner needs to be with you, not responsible to capture these moments.

A birth photographer’s role is to capture the moments the parents want. The labor of love to bring this child into the world. The second the parents meet the new life they’ve created. The moment when the new family has become one.

These moments are fleeting. They disappear as quickly as they come. Having a professional photographer there to capture that moment for you is honestly priceless. The moment you set eyes on your beautiful child for the first time. The moment your partner holds that life within their arms. The tears of joy. The love. The relief of the birth. The child you’ve longed for is here. Finally.



Fleeting moments.

Doesn’t this sound like exactly what you’ve been searching for? We are here to help you plan the perfect birth session, just reach out and message us.