What do I wear to my session?

What do I wear? Yes, this is the second most common question I get asked when planning sessions. This really depends on a few things:
1. What type of session is this? Fun? More romantic? Business? What colors fit this theme for you? What color is your signature color?
2. Where do you plan on hanging the finished products? What colors are themed in your home/office/etc? Picking colors that complement the décor or stand out would make a statement, depending on the statement you are looking for.
3. Do you prefer the matching family type sessions? There’s nothing wrong with that! If it makes you happy, go for it!
4. Like patterns? That’s great; just make sure there’s a good mix of solid and pattern among those to be in the session so there’s harmony in your images.
5. Where will you be having your session? Dark greens can be beautiful, but if your session is being held in a forest, you might blend in too well, and we want you to be center stage in your images!

Feel free to be creative! Enjoy it! This is your time to shine!

If you need any ideas, we are always just an email/text away!
Here are some examples from our sessions!

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